TESS Prototype

TESS_001_S.JPGThe Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS) project was designed to create a proof of concept prototype of technologies theorized by Christian Ohler, Daniel Chartouni, and Lindsey Westover. The concept was to regulate power production from renewable sources (solar, wind, etc.) by storing energy when there was a surplus of production then supplementing a lack of production from the energy stores as needed. While this would theoretically make intermittent power sources reliable, ABB needed proof that the technology could be made cost-competitive. Thus we examined the technology from several aspects: material testing, simulation, and prototype testing. The material testing evaluated a range of possible storage media as they were exposed to long term operating conditions. Simulations evaluated the operational dynamics of installation-sized TESS units in order to assess end-to-end efficiency within the system. Finally, the fully functional scaled prototype both demonstrated the technology in operation, and allowed us to verify the simulated efficiencies. Further information can be obtained by contacting ABB Corporate Research Switzerland.

Key Features:
– Demonstration of concept via TESS Prototype
– Prototype performance testing via LabVIEW
– End-to-end efficiency simulation in MATLAB
– Materials testing of candidate storage media

– Thermoelectric Energy Storage System and Method for Storing Thermoelectric Energy (patent)