kSim 1.0

kSim1_BannerkSim (short for Krispin’s Simulator) 1.0 arose from the need for high physical accuracy 3D simulations during development of the Cricket. Unable to identify a vehicle simulation package that could accurately model contact between a vehicle and a complex 3D environment including friction and dynamic loading, we began development of a generalized simulation package that became kSim. The needs of the project yielded software that performed continuous collision detection, provided friction and deformable elastic damping material surfaces, and supported complex vehicle geometries. Furthermore, replicating optical and ultrasonic sensors prompted development of an OpenGL based graphics engine that provided the user with real-time visual feedback and an intuitive command interface.

Key Features:
– Highly accurate vehicle dynamics simulation of Cricket robot
– Elastic damping material based collisions (friction supported)
– Real-time graphics and command interface